T&Cs and Privacy Policy


By purchasing a Trial, a Membership, a Premium class subscription or a single Premium class credit, you agree to our Terms & Conditions, as well as our Privacy Policy. 


We run our classes normally as 8-week blocks. During this time some of the classes follow a progressive class plan, which increases in difficulty each week (Pilates Level 1, Pilates Level 2-3 and Pilates Level 3-4 and Barre). The content of other classes, such as Pilates Flow and Full Body Burn, tend to vary each week.


Week 8 of a block is a recovery week. During the recovery week no new content is added to the Video Library, and only a couple live online classes are running. We encourage you to take video classes from the Body Conditioning and Recovery section of the Video Library during this week. 



If you are new to our classes, a great starting point is the 7 Days Trial (£12). During this time you have full access to the Video Library and all live online classes. We recommend you try make it at least to a New Joiners Pilates Basics live online class,. At a Basics class Anna helps you with your body alignment, you learn/revise the technique and Anna can then recommend which level classes are suitable for you. 

After the trial if you wish to continue with us, you can choose whether you want to purchase a monthly membership (includes all videos and live online follow along classes) and/or a Premium classes subscription or buy individual class credits for Premium classes. For best results we recommend a membership and taking at least one Premium live online class a month if you cannot manage a weekly one. 


Booking for a live online class is open until 30min before class is scheduled to start. 


If you cancel your space with at least 1h before the class starts your credit returns to your credit balance. Even if you miss the 1h mark, please still cancel your space to allow other people to sign up. You can find all your booked classes under My Bookings section when you are logged in on our website. Next to each class is a Cancel and a Reschedule button. 


You will be able to book and cancel classes easily on the Wix app. There will be a link added to our website soon for downloading the app onto your phone. 


All Live Online classes are taught on Zoom. You don't need an account with Zoom, but you will need to download the free Zoom app. We start the video on Zoom about 5min before the class is scheduled to start, so we can have a quick catch up chat first! You receive the Zoom link in your class booking confirmation email. You can also see the links next to each class booked under Your Bookings on your profile. All clients are expected to arrive on time to a live online class. Zoom's security features mean that Anna has to admit everyone manually from a Zoom Waiting Room into the class. If you arrive late, you may not be admitted in the class. Once the class has started, Anna cannot continue admitting people coming in late. 


We do not collect any health related information from you. By taking our live and video classes you agree that you are taking them at your own risk. If you have any health concerns, please consult your health professional prior to commencing any exercise routines, including ours. We provide as safe as possible class plan to minimise the risk of any injuries, however if you do injure yourself, Anna McLean Pilates cannot be held responsible. If you take a Premium live group class or a private class, you can let us know before class if you have any limitations to movement. If you do inform Anna, she can offer adaptations suited to your needs during the live class. Anna also offers adaptations during her live follow along and video classes in order to cater for the most common issues such as issues with wrists or lower back.  


Once your credits have expired (individual credit or you Premium subscription has renewed), you cannot use them anymore. No refunds are given for expired credits. It is the client's responsibility to use them up on time or contact us prior to validity ending if you have struggled to use your credits due to an illness or injury.


We do not issue monetary refunds for any reason. However, if you have been unable to use your credits due to an illness or injury, we can transfer unused Premium class subscription credits onto the following month when you can use them as make up credits. If you have individually purchased credits, we can give you an extension instead. All requests of credit transfer or validity extensions will be considered individually and are at the studio's discretion.


The £45/month membership and £25/month 4x Premium classes subscription are monthly auto-billing. We don't require a minimum contract period. If you wish to cancel, please email us with at least 14 days before your next bill date. You can check the bill date from your bank statement or from My Subscriptions section of your profile. We will then cancel, or if you prefer, suspend your membership, and the following month won't be billed. When the membership is suspended, you lose access to videos and live Flow classes, and you can request to continue the membership when you wish. If you request cancellation with less that 14 days notice, we process the cancellation from the month after next onward. We cannot give refunds for any membership payments already paid.


If Anna falls ill and is not able to teach live classes, no new content can be added to the Video Library either. You still have access to all previous videos. Refunds to monthly memberships are not given due to this. If you have a Premium class subscription and you struggle to make up on time, you can request a credit transferred over to your next month. After Anna has recovered,  she will catch up filming the videos that were missed during the illness. If this is not feasible due to the length of illness, the block will just be shorter. In the case of severe illness or injury, preventing Anna from teaching for a longer period of time, Premium class subscriptions will be paused and you can request to suspend your membership if you wish.


Live classes are not on and new video content is not added over studio holidays. You can find holiday dates on the Block Dates page. Premium class subscriptions will be paused, monthly memberships keep running. If you wish to suspend your membership over a studio holiday, please let us know at least 14 days prior to the studio holiday starting. 


1. Your contact details. The details a client provides upon contacting us, signing up and purchasing a trial, a membership or class credits are not shared with any third parties. If you disclose any details about your health status, these details are only available to Anna in order to create a safe class for you. 

2. Website cookies: we only run essential, first party cookies. These include Google Analytics for our website traffic analysis, and Google Ads and Facebook Ads for monitoring our own advert campaigns. 

2. Communication: We email clients about changes to classes, new classes, and other relevant updates. If you do not wish to hear from us, please let us know. 

4. Payments made on our website are processed and secured by Stripe.