Block Dates

2021 Block Dates

Please note the 8th week of each block is a recovery week. No new video classes are added, and only a couple live online classes will run. No classes run over studio holidays. 

Block 1: 8 weeks 

4th January to 28th February

(Recovery week: 22nd to 28th Feb)


Block 2: 8 weeks

1st March to 25th April 

(Recovery week: 19th-25th April)

Block 3: 8 weeks 

26th April to 20th June

(Recovery week: 14th to 20th June)

Block 4: 8 weeks over 10-week period

Weeks 1-4: 21st June to 18th July

Studio summer holiday 19th July to 1st August

Weeks 5-8: 2nd August to 29th August

(Recovery week: 23rd to 29th August)

Block 5: 8 weeks 

30th August to 24th October

(Recovery week/October holiday 18th to 24th Oct)

Block 6: 7 weeks 

25th October to 12th December

Winter Holiday 13th December onward

What happens during studio holidays? Check our Terms & Conditions

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