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The Internet is full of Pilates workouts, and many fitness and yoga apps also offer Pilates content. It’s very likely you’ve tried some of these options, but maybe were left a bit confused. Did I do this right? It felt kind of easy?

If the exercises felt easy, most likely the technique was not explained properly. When you perform Pilates exercises correctly, you really feel it in your core. In Pilates we engage our deeper core muscles (TVA and lumbar multifidus) and our pelvic floor, all while adopting a certain breathing technique (lateral thoracic breathing). In addition, we want to make sure our spine is aligned correctly. You won’t intuitively know how to do these just because the teacher on YouTube says “Engage your core”! You need taught how to. If an exercise you tried felt easy, the odds are you didn't quite know how to engage the muscles Pilates wants to strengthen.

Let's fix that!

How are the classes structured?
What is the Recovery Week?
What are the difficulty levels?
I'm a complete beginner, is that ok?
How are Premium live online classes different?
Do you have flexibility classes?
Why does your membership cost more than Pilates Anytime?

Start Here

Get access to all live online classes and the full Video Library for all levels!  You can start a 7 Day Trial (£12) or a 1 Month Trial (£40) at any point. If you can manage live classes, join a Premium live class during your trial so Anna can advise which level is most suited to you. Try joining at least the New joiners: Pilates Basics Premium class and a Premium Pilates Level 1 class if you are new to Pilates or want a refresher. There is no obligation to purchase a membership after your trial.

I hope you love your experience at my studio! If you wish to continue taking classes after the trial, you have two options explained below.

7 days trial

Option #1

Auto-billing Membership (£45/month)



  • Unlimited Live Online classes that are taught 'Follow Along' style (not including interactive Premium classes)

  • Access to our Video Library: with On-Demand videos you choose when you take the class, fitting them around your commitments. You can pause and rewind the videos in case you get distracted at home. We already have 100+ classes in the video library so there's plenty to choose from!

  • Want to cancel or pause? Just let us know 14 days prior to your next bill date.

You can buy this membership at any point.


Option #2

If you wish to just take Premium classes, or add Premium classes to your Membership, you can buy the 4x Premium classes monthly subscription for £25/month. If you wish to take Premium classes just every now and then, pay per class is £8.


  • Premium classes are interactive and spaces are limited; you get feedback to ensure correct form

  • Works out as only £6.25/class

  • You have an allowance of 4 Premium class credits that you can use to book onto Premium classes during that calendar month/payment period.

  • Want to cancel or pause? Just let us know 14 days prior to your next bill date.


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