Class Packages

The studio is closed due to COVID-19. We are offering online classes instead

New class passes!

£80 Unlimited 28 days

What's included:

  • Book any Pre-recorded Video Packages 

  • Unlimited Premium live online classes 

  • Unlimited Flow live online classes 

  • Your deal starts from date of purchase 

New to our classes?

You can first try 7 days Unlimited for only £12!!

New clients

days Unlimited £12 

Includes all online classes and pre-recorded videos

(Valid for 7  days from purchase date)


Valid for 14 days from purchase date

1h Premium class/video package £10.50

Flow class/video package £7.50

Class Packages

Valid till the end of currently running block + 1 week

(for Block 3 this date is 5th of July)

1h Premium classes:

4 classes or video packages £38

8 classes or video packages £72

Flow classes:

4 Flow classes or video packages £26

8 Flow classes or video packages £48 


28 days Unlimited £80 

Includes all pre-recorded video packages, live online Premium and Flow classes

(Available to buy from 3rd of May onward. Valid for 28 days from purchase date)

Workshops are priced individually and are not included in any of the packages above


How it works (T&Cs)

You create an account, buy credits and use the credits to book your space for a class. If you struggle with online accounts and payments (for example 50+ morning classes), just get in touch and we'll help create your account and offer an alternative payment method. 

You can download a printable pdf version for all the info below here. This version includes T&C's regarding online classes 


We run our classes normally as 8-week blocks. The 4 and 8 class credit packages sold at any one time expire at a fixed date at the end of the currently running block + 1 week to allow make ups. For example, if a block finishes 1st of March, you can still use any left over credits until 8th of March. 



New clients can try unlimited classes for £12 for 1 week (starts from the day of purchase).

What are the block packages best for?

28 Days Unlimited: Amazing value if you take more than 2 classes or video packages a week

4 classes: If you join us mid-block, or if you want to pay for your 8 weeks of classes in two purchases to spread the cost

8 classes: best when you attend 1 class/video package week

Drop-in is best if you want to try a class, can attend very irregularly, or if on top of your block packages you want to take some extra classes every now and then.


If you get quite excited and use up all your block credits early you can of course buy more credits for that block.


To add flexibility, we have added an extra week of credit validity after a block finishes. This allows you to use up any make up classes you may not have managed to take over the block.  

Click here for 8-week block and block release dates


Booking for a class is open until 1h before class is scheduled to start


If you cancel your space with at least 2h before the class starts your credit returns to your credit balance. Even if you miss the 2h mark, please still cancel your space to allow people on a waiting list to attend. You can find all your booked classes under My Schedule section when you are logged in. Next to each class is a Cancel button. 


Booking and cancelling classes on your phone is easy with the app. Download the app on the App store on your phone, search Anna McLean Pilates and log in. Alternatively you can use the internet browser version:


All clients are expected to arrive on time to class. If you are more than 5min late, we cannot let you attend the class. 


Once your credits have expired, you cannot use them anymore. No refunds are given for expired credits. It is the client's responsibility to use them up on time. 


We do not issue monetary refunds for any reason. However, in more severe situations such as severe illness or an injury, we may be able to give you an extension on your credits. All cases will be considered individually and are at the studio's discretion. Extensions are only given if you also buy the next block credit package (4 or 8 classes package). 


Workshops extra classes sold under the Workshops Section of the booking site (globe icon). Payments for workshops is separate and you cannot use your class credits to attend. Workshops only go ahead with a certain minimum number of people. Therefore, if you cancel your space or do not turn up, we do not issue monetary refunds. If you cancelled your workshop space with at least 48h in advance, you may request a free 1h drop-in credit. This "refund" credit will have a validity of 2 weeks. 


1. The details a client provides upon registering are not shared with any third parties. Anna mcLean Pilates ("We") only collects home address, DOB and emergency contact details to be used in the case of an injury or an accident. Clients have the option to add their health information on their profile, which we highly recommend so we can deliver a safe class for you. Please refer to the Waiver of Liability you are asked to electronically sign on our booking site. Additionally, we use DOB information to send clients a Happy Birthday email. Clients can opt out from this in their profile settings.

2. We email clients about changes to classes, new classes, reminders about block please dates and workshops. Clients can edit their email preferences in profile settings if they do not wish to hear from us. We recommend enabling notifications about class cancellations, in order to be aware if a short notice cancellation has occurred. If Studio Bookings mobile app is installed, the app sends a phone notification.

3. Booking and timetabling service provider StudioBookings policies can be viewed on here: Terms of Service:

Privacy Policy: www.

4. Payments made on StudioBookings are secured and processed by Stripe.


Block Dates

Click here to download a printable pdf version

**2020 BLOCK DATES**

Block 1 dates are released on 16th December 2019 by 12pm. 


Block 1: 8 weeks  (Jan/Feb)

January 6th to 1st of March

Credit packages expiry 8th of March


Block 2 dates are released on 17th February by 12pm. 

Block 2: 8 weeks over 9 weeks (March/April)

Weeks 1-4: 2nd March to 29th March

SPRING HOLIDAY 1 WEEK 30th March to 5th April

Weeks 5-8: 6th April - 3rd May

Credit packages expiry 10th of May


Block 3 dates are released on 20th April by 12pm.


Block 3: 8 weeks (May/June)

4th May to 28th June

Credit packages expiry 5th July


Block 4 dates are released on 15th June by 12pm.


Block 4: 8 weeks over 10 weeks (July/Aug)

Weeks 1-4: 29th June to 26th July

SUMMER HOLIDAY 2 WEEKS: 27th July to 9th August

Weeks 5-8: 10th August to 6th September

Credit packages expiry 13th September 


Block 5 dates are released on 24h August by 12pm.


Block 5: 8 weeks over 9 weeks (Sep/Oct)

Weeks 1-4 7th September to 4th October 

OCTOBER HOLIDAY 1 WEEK: 5th to 11th October 

Weeks 5-8: 12th October to 8th of November 

Credit packages expiry 15th November 


Block 6 dates are released on 26th October by 12pm.


Block 6: 5 weeks (Nov/Dec)

9th November to 13th December 

Credit packages expiry 10th of January 2021 (one week into 2021 classes)


WINTER HOLIDAY 3 WEEKS 14th Dec to 3rd January 2021


2021 Classes resume 4th January  (dates are released 14th December 2020)


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